Global Alliances: The Impact On Cross Border Dialogue, Trade and Investment
Jun 30, 4:00 PM – 5:05 PM GMT+4
Online Zoom Webinar


Globalization has resulted in several benefits to world economies, in terms of more efficient markets, increased competition resulting in improved quality of products, more cost-effective sourcing of goods and services, and more efficient trade flows. Globalization has also helped in increased flow of foreign direct investments, as global investor funding flows to countries that have comparative advantages for deploying such funding.


Developing countries have also been able to access global best in class advisory services, to improve the business environment in their respective countries.

In recent years, we have also witnessed a backlash to globalization, as we see the rise of populism in several countries across the world. This has come about because of a realization amongst populations that globalization results in interdependency with other countries and is a threat to sovereignty. There has been an increased feeling amongst nations that the effects of globalization have not been equally distributed and are skewed towards a few of the richer and more developed countries who continue to exploit the underdeveloped.


Today, nations, people and thought leaders are talking about “rebalancing globalization” to give local populations a bigger say on matters of economic development, and wealth distribution. It is in this context that we would like to explore the question of “Global Alliances and how they benefit economic development, cross border trade and investment flows”. Is there really a need to rebalance globalization to ensure more equitable distribution and use of resources and allow wider participation and share by local populations. Or should countries and institutions go back to implementing protectionist policies and safeguard their own economic base. But at what cost? And especially, in this time of a global pandemic where all countries are facing similar issues pertaining to lives and livelihoods.

During the past six months, we have seen several collaborations and alliances being formed to address and find a solution for the effects and aftermaths of COVID19.


To discuss this, we have an eminent panel of professionals who are operating on a global scale. These are individuals who are part and parcel of the global economy in many ways. We will ask them what they feel and think about this important issue.

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