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Join ADNOC DISTRIBUTION  Mangrove Forest Today! 

At ADNOC Distribution, we're constantly exploring new ways to amplify the impact of our sustainability efforts. That's why we're thrilled to announce a special partnership with The Storey Group, bringing this initiative to all of our petrol stations. We understand the power of our collective ambitions. While we're diligently working to reduce our operational impact, we also recognise that many of our customers are eager to take action to protect our planet too!

Why this matters... 

Our planet needs help

Mangroves are vital ecosystems that support our planet in numerous ways. They absorb carbon, protect coastlines from erosion, provide a habitat for diverse wildlife, and ensure a healthier environment for us all.

When you adopt a mangrove sapling, you're not just planting a tree; you're nurturing a thriving ecosystem. Your small contribution makes a big difference.


How it works...

Functionality You Will Love


Choose Your Number Of Mangroves 

Step 1: Select the number of mangroves you'd like to plant. You can plant as few or as many as you want. Every tree counts.


The Storey Group Get Planting Your Seed Or Sapling 

Once we receive your order we will work with our amazing NGO and planters to take your sapling to the forest site. We will plant it, nurture it and make sure it is settled into the mangrove forest. 


Make Your Payment 

Step 2: For just AED 25 per tree, you can contribute to our mangrove planting initiative. Your donation goes directly to nurturing a new mangrove in the ADNOC Distribution forest.


Recieve & Track Your Tree On EcoMatcher App 

Once your sapling is at the right size we'll capture it using EcoMatcher technology and email you a personalised link to your tree. You can virtually visit your mangrove, see its growth, and track its progress on EcoMatcher for the next 10 years! .

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