Jelk Solutions grooms leaders to excel in their personal and professional development. Founded by Lisa Norman, Jelk works with boards, executive groups and individual leaders through facilitation and coaching services to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.  Lisa is a Certified Master Facilitator (CMF), the highest qualification in her field - one of 34 globally.


The Effective Facilitator

(USA’s #1 Facilitation program) - ideal for organisations wanting to create an exceptionally well skilled in-house facilitator cohort



Specialising in complex conversations. 

Stakeholder Forums, Strategic Planning, Challenging Public Policy matters, Project Roadblocks

Personal Development

Join our award winning online 12mth program for life success

Investor attention to board performance and governance continues to escalate, and, increasingly, it’s large institutional investors who are making known their expectations in areas such as board composition, disclosure and shareholder engagement. 

Our board effectiveness assessments or reviews are designed not to grade directors, but to provide constructive feedback that can improve overall board performance.







Lisa's commitment to drive complex agendas through facilitation empowers leaders to reach consensus and clarity of action with the most difficult stakeholders and perplexing dilemmas.  


So, while process and specialist knowledge in Lisa’s core areas of expertise (she holds Masters in each of governance and strategy, leadership and management, public policy) are keystones to Jelk’s services, Lisa is also a business management consultant. She ensures that leaders are supported beyond sound process for effective remedy management and monitoring.  


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