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Developing corporate cultures that inspire, engage and create  -
happy,connected and responsible workplaces.
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Create an inclusive, effective and tailored employee engagement strategy  



Engagement Strategy Design & Development 
  1. Support the design and delivery of an Employee Engagement Strategy 

  2. Employee Journey Mapping & action planning 

  3. Internal Communications plans, tactics and programme development 

  4. Creation of Employee Engagement dashboards and KPI's   

Create high-impact brand-aligned employee induction programmes 

Employee Induction 
  1. Optimise induction and onboarding processes

  2. Develop engaging induction brand books, presentations and apps  

  3. Develop post onboarding feedback touchpoints 

  4. Train and develop managers and supervisors to maximise induction and onboarding  

Implement effective and actionable employee engagement solutions 

Employee Engagement Surveys & Events    
  1. Using the power of the WeThrive platform you get powerful employee engagement tools

  2. Design & development of post survey action planning and improvement processes 

  3. Design and programme management of internal employee events & town halls    

  4. Training programmes to increase effectiveness of managerial employee engagement skills   

Increase the ROI and impact of corporate wellness efforts 

Employee Wellness    
  1. Employee Wellness strategy development

  2. Campaign design and management  

  3. Wellness dashboard design and impact assessments  

  4. Executive wellness coaching  

Increase the ROI and impact of internal communbunication efforts 

Internal Communications Strategy & Programmes     
  1. Internal Communications Audits & Recommendations 

  2. Internal Communications strategy design and development   

  3. Programme and campaign management

  4. KPI and dashboard development to monitor impact and budget ROI  

Increase the reach, impact and effectiveness of CSR efforts 

Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes     
  1. Design and development of CSR strategy and programmes 

  2. CSR campaign design and roll-out   

  3. CSR stakeholder identification and management 

  4. KPI and dashboard development to monitor impact and drive greater ROI  

Ensure engagement during culture change, merger and restructures. 

Support Complex Change Programmes     
  1. Design and manage internal communication and engagement strategy and plans 

  2. Run WeThrive pulse surveys to test the temperature of the organisation

  3. Stakeholder identification and change management support 

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