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One tree can make a difference...

One billion WILL create real change...


To launch a global tree-planting campaign spearheaded by the UAE 

to collectively and transparently plant one billion trees around the world by end of 2025.

Together we can help protect our planet for future generations and improve the lives and livelihoods of the communities where we plant trees. 

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"The world produces 51 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Decarbonisation is now THE biggest challenge facing humanity. To reach zero, we need innovation, collaboration, and action. By planting one billion trees we can play our part. Let's do this...together.
Future generations and our planet depend on us."

Karen Storey  

OBTI Founder & Project Director 


When we embarked on The One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative (OBTI) we knew that the UAE a country where the seemingly impossible is possible was the perfect host to lead this ambitious campaign. We also understood that to inspire widespread community involvement and secure meaningful and lasting support, we needed a world-class team. Our planting dream team would comprise the best creative and driven minds, a solid commitment to transparency, effective technology platforms, and vetted global NGO tree-planting partners in over 10 countries with more to follow.


Only when all this was in place could we deliver the scale, transparency, engagement, connection, and social impact that were non-negotiable for our launch. It was a tall order. After in-depth research, numerous collaborative discussions, and multiple COVID-induced zoom calls, did we secure all that and so much more!

The end result? – Amazing partnerships and a tree-planting dream team ready to rock!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EcoMatcher, the world's first blockchain-enabled fully integrated digital tree-planting platform, to harness our shared passion to make a huge impact on climate change. We have also teamed up with the Mātiti Group and Mātiti Green, the UAE-based advisory and sustainability firm which is supporting us to engage, connect, and partner with many local and regional companies to reach our one billion trees target. As a UAE-based company, we also wanted to plant trees in the Emirates and ensure their sustainability. Thanks to these partnerships, and others in the pipeline, will soon announce some amazing planting projects rights here in the UAE! Join us to ensure OBTI is the most transparent, sustainable, and engaging tree-planting project on the planet!


Our EcoMatcher partnership means that together we can now:

  • Identify every tree planted with a unique TreeChain ID geolocation;

  • Travel virtually to each tree from our phones;

  • Know each tree’s story - its species, plant date, farmer and more;

  • Chat with each tree – for real;

  • Enable brands to engage employees, customers and suppliers with a host of integrated digital marketing tools;

  • Track carbon impact with easy-to-use dashboards;

  • Help brands totally integrate tree-planting into their business and brand sustainability story.

  • Expand our tree planting locations globally with a target of 21 NGOs in 21 countries by the end of 2021

How You Can Get Involved  



Adopt some of our already planted trees for your friends and family and gift those trees. Over time you can add more trees and make a longer-term commitment to offsetting your carbon footprint from air travel, car journeys and more using our EcoMatcher app.


Every tree makes a difference!




Plant a complete forest with a minimum of 1,000 trees. You can name your forest and every tree can be gifted and tracked with EcoMatcher's TreeManager. Plant multiple forests in various locations, all managed from one dashboard.


You can show your Global Forest on your website.

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Integrate tree-planting into your road to zero strategy. We will work with you to integrate your tree planting into your carbon offsetting goals,  your product marketing, customer engagement, and communications plans.


Imagine all the ways you can now integrate tree-planting into your business...

employee engagement

Imagine...being able to gift your employees a tree as part of your reward and recognition and engagement initiatives.  Imagine the sense of belonging your team will feel as they virtually visit your company forest. Connecting your team to your purpose and sustainability journey just got easier. 

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integrate into your

Imagine... being able to seamlessly integrate tree-planting into your e-commerce environment to reward loyalty and enable customers to buy trees and add to your tree-planting initiative. With our woo-commerce, Shopify plug-ins we've got you covered. Showing you are brand that cares and improving online retention and revenue just got easier. 

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corporate gifting

Imagine...a world where gifting plastic pens and USB sticks are long gone. Imagine the joy when your customers can virtually visit a tree you have planted for them.  A tree they have for life. Connecting your customers to your sustainability journey just got easier. 

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carbon offsetting 

Imagine ...a time when you can be sure of the impact of your tree planting efforts. A time when every tree you plant is captured on the blockchain and you can measure its carbon sequestration from the moment the seedling goes in the ground and track that for the next 10 years! With every tree delivering on average 250kg over the first 10 years of its life, your carbon offsetting just got easier and more transparent. 


Discover how EcoMatcher brings scale, engagement, and transparency to the OBTI initiative.  


Where can you plant trees? 

From planting mangroves in the UAE to planting a forest in Uganda, we already have 9 countries where you can plant trees and will add more in 2021. 

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Karen Storey

OBTI Founder & Project Director

Karen is CEO of The Storey Group a UAE-based advisory firm spearheading the OBTI campaign on the ground by enabling governments and private sector clients to transparently tackle the climate crisis whilst strengthening connections with their staff, clients and wider community.


The Storey Group works hand-in-hand with the OBTI community to maximise participation, engagement and impact. Karen and her team will help define your internal and external project goals, support you in creating engaging campaigns and shape powerful stories around your OBTI involvement.


Bas Fransen, OBTI Partner &

CEO EcoMatcher

Bas founded EcoMatcher, a certified social enterprise aimed at making the world a better place, following a long and successful career in Asia with Philips, IBM and ASML.


His focussed changed to building a legacy enterprise that leveraged his technology expertise to make a tangible economic and social difference.


Bas authored the book ‘Ideas to Fight the Climate Crisis – Sustainable Resolutions for a Business’ and EcoMatcher is featured in the upcoming film ‘The Last Glaciers’ by renowned filmmaker Craig Leeson.


Charul C Jaitly, OBTI Advisory Board & Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mātiti Group

Charul is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Mātiti Group. Mātiti Green is their sustainability arm, and was founded with the purpose of creating a legacy for younger generations to follow, where everyone lives in a cleaner environment with fresh air to breathe, where nature and humans co-exist in harmony. Mātiti’s collaboration with OBTI will enable them to achieve this together and we are supremely thrilled to be championing this cause together!

“OBTI is a remarkable initiative and is a purpose-driven cause. With Mātiti’s mission of being a negative carbon footprint company, Charul and the leadership at Mātiti Group are committed to walking the talk together with OBTI in delivering the one billion trees to the world, and setting the right examples for change.”

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we can make a difference!

One tree at a time...

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