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Employee Recognition Platform

Brownie Points is unique. It is a fully configurable, cloud based, real time software platform that allows you to develop formal (points-based) and/or informal (non-points based or social) employee recognition and incentive programs to motivate and inspire your staff. 

As a valued partner of Brownie Points in Australia, we are excited to bring their renowned employee recognition programs to you. In today's rapidly evolving work environment, employee engagement and appreciation are paramount. Brownie Points understands the significance of aligning corporate culture with employee engagement, and its comprehensive platform is designed to achieve just that.

Their award-winning employee recognition programs deliver improved staff engagement to all organisations, commercial or NFP, regardless of size or budget.

Plus, you can choose to either source your own rewards or use our partner fulfilment company's fabulous catalogue of great choices. Just click and forget. They pack and post to deliver globally. No hassles, no fuss. 


Our leading-edge technology delivers programs that are:

  • Quick to implement with minimal consulting or training

  • Easy to personalise and administer

  • Intuitive to use while delivering extensive functionality

  • Designed to measure business performance

  • Low in risk with affordable cost of ownership


With Brownie Points App, you can measure your return on investment. 


We guarantee it...




By following our unique step by step Design Process we guide you through all the things to consider when setting up your staff recognition program to ensure the results you require. 

step2: launch

With our proven, leading edge technology, Brownie Points will maximise your staff engagement and recognition programs and deliver a positive return on investment.

step 3: measure

Regular reviews guarantee that your business drivers and return on investment are all in balance with your business objectives.

Paul Schmeja – Service Operations Manager,

First Contact

We found Brownie Points after searching for a solution to take our existing Employee Rewards Program on-line. The team at Brownie Points worked with us to tailor a solution specific to our needs, offering valuable advice along the way.

The resulting solution has seen our team engagement increase threefold, moving from a spreadsheet to a fully interactive application to manage the allocation and redemption of reward points. Additionally their support is quick to respond and have resolved any minor issues very promptly.

Highly recommended for companies wanting to implement a reward / recognition program that offers maximum return on a minimal investment.”

Diana Zihlmann – Human Resources Director, Healthways

We implemented Brownie Points or RAVE (Reward and Value Everyone) in July 2013 and in 9 months we have received over 90,000 recognitions from 120 colleagues! Our recognition engagement score has increased and our retention rates have reduced by 50%. I believe the success of the program is largely due to our colleagues playing a key role in all aspects of the program from creation to implementation.

We have incorporated RAVE into most aspects of our organisation including recognising anniversaries plus it’s an integral part of colleague Health and Well Being Program. Upon launch we marketed it extensively and we continue to receive ideas from colleagues as to how we can improve the program and modify key elements.

We have found the online system to be efficient, easy to use and we are now beginning to use the report functionality.

Jennifer Smith, Director of Human Resources, Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina, Cairns

We were looking for an online Employee Recognition Program that would allow us to customise an existing platform in line with the guidelines of the Shangri-La Customer Delight program. After reviewing several options, we signed up with Brownie Points. The program allows for instant recognition. Recognising a colleague can be done as soon as the behaviour is witnessed, via the mobile phone app, and the colleague receives the feedback immediately. It works the same for Peer to Peer recognition. We have seen a significant increase in the number of colleagues recognising and appreciating the helpfulness of their co-workers. This has resulted in improved team morale, not only departmentally, but also across the hotel. This statement can be supported by the increase in our Employee Engagement Survey results for 2016, when we saw an 8 point increase in our Colleague Loyalty Index.


Today’s employees are more computer savvy than ever before, so utilising technology is essential to keep your team motivated and focused on the corporate vision. Many employees, especially in the service and hospitality industries are not desk-based and are therefore reliant on mobile technology to keep in touch with corporate initiatives.

Recognition for staff performance or contribution is perfect for engaging and motivating your team and instant recognition is the most powerful of all. The longer you leave it to recognise or thank someone for a job well done, the less value it has. Maximising the benefits of technology can have a significant positive impact and your bottom line.

Brownie Points is a multi-award winning cloud-based software platform that operates across all internet-enabled devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones (Android and iPhones) to maximise the positive impact of instant recognition.

You can deliver a formal points program and/or a social (non-points based) program that delivers motivational messages of recognition and thanks with embedded images. The impact on an employee when they receive a message of recognition on their smart phone is guaranteed to be highly engaging and motivational.

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Ready to Get Started?

We're here to help you build a Culture of Appreciation that ignites passion among your employees. Contact us today to learn more about how our partnership with Brownie Points can benefit your organization. Reach out now and experience the transformative power of recognizing and appreciating your team through Brownie Points.

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