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Partnering with our clients to develop people focused cultures that can identify, attract, nurture and retain talent.



Ensure complete alignment of the workforce to the organisations vision and requirements

Human Capital Strategy & Policy  
  1. Develop Human Capital Strategy and objectives 

  2. Develop and or select optimum HR Information Systems

  3. Design cost reduction strategies

  4. Create HR Transformation plans and provide implementation support 

Build plans that achieve goals whilst reducing costs

Workforce Planning  
  1. Design workforce plans

  2. Analyse workforce and project budgets

  3. Optimise resource allocation

  4. Design metrics and dashboards for workforce success.   

Drive complete alignment and effeciency of departments and resources 

Job & Functional Area Analysis   
  1. Conduct job / functional area analysis 

  2. Identify gaps in functions and processes 

  3. Reduce costs by identifying duplication of efforts 

  4. Identifty opportunities for cross functional resource sharing or multi-skilling 

Develop a competent high-performing  


Workforce Training & Performance Management   
  1. Identify and develop future-focused competency frameworks 

  2. Identify gaps in skills, knowledge and competencies with the power of SkillsSpeak  

  3. Develop and implement training and development programmes   

  4. Design & develop innovative, high-impact, real-time performance management systems 

Align workforce skills and qualifications with the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS)

National Qualifiation & Accreditation    
  1. Standardise national qualifications across career fields

  2. Enable recognition of aquired skills and knowledge

  3. Integrate education and training

  4. Create LMS systems and processes to drive greater return on training investment 

Develop effective approaches to  recruitment, selection and development of National talent.

National Workforce Strategy & Programmes     
  1. Design and development of an effective and achievable national developmet strategy 

  2. Design and development of knowledge transfer, mentoring / job shadowing approaches 

  3. Design and delivery of national development training programmes 

  4. Tailored national development dashboards to track and monitor progress

Identify and mobilise talent and drive effective

Succession Planning  

Talent Management & Succession Planning     
  1. Design and develop talent and succession strategies 

  2. Develop talent and successions processes policies and systems  

  3. Support succession planning with executive level coaching & mentoring 

  4. Develop talent and succession dashboards to support effective selection and movement

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